Lucas Copelli

"Vallua has the unique ability to bring together outstanding professionals who push the boundaries on a daily basis to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients."

Lucas is the Managing Partner of Vallua, with a history of successful projects across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, retail, consumer goods, finance, technology and education.

Lucas graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Unicamp*, gained a masters degree in neuroscience from the Institute of Psychology at USP** and is an MBA professor. He has previously held a number of high profile positions such as: Vice President of Nielsen (retail & food sector); partner at Proinvest Finance working on M&A, long-term financing and business development; executive positions at Aché Laboratories and Promon Venture Capital; and as a Consultant at McKinsey and Accenture.

* Unicamp = State University of Campinas
** USP = University of Sao Paulo


Vanessa Arruda

“We work in an extremely collaborative & enjoyable work environment, leveraging our extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry. Understanding the unmet needs of our clients and providing solutions is both exciting & challenging work which brings satisfaction to both ourselves and our clients. “
Vanessa’s role is to connect Vallua to industry leaders; learning about the issues that matter to them and sharing our insights into their concerns and unmet needs in order to identify opportunities to support growth.

Vanessa is an accomplished professional from a scientific & marketing background with over 14 years of experience working for speciality chemical companies. Vanessa is a qualified pharmacist with Master´s and PhD degrees from Unicamp* in pharmacology and was certified as a “Safety Assessor for Cosmetic Ingredients” at VU Brussels** and more recently as a “Challenger™ Insight Designer” by Gartner Inc.

Vanessa possesses a track record of energising, influencing and building excellent working relationships with internal and external stakeholders to deliver results that meet corporate strategy.

* Unicamp = State University of Campinas
** VU Brussels = Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium