Market Growth


Development of Successful Partnerships


Development & Improvement in Product Marketability

A medium-sized B2B company in Europe created a new corporate strategy focused on growth (in terms of market share and exploring new markets). However, during their first attempts to introduce products into the Brazilian market, they experienced huge difficulties as they found it to be extremely complex and failed to be successful.
We defined a clear approach, evaluating risks & business model, pipeline, assets, technologies and regulatory aspects (both according to the European company's own restrictions and to Brazilian regulations) to clearly & effectively position the product into the Brazilian market whilst meeting relevant regulations.
Following a period of internal financial restrictions, a Medium sized Pharma company decided to add strategic partnerships in order to grow their business. The senior leadership team had differing views on the type of partnerships that would complement the business strategy and needed help to create a prioritised set of candidates that could be approached with a strong rationale for each. One of their biggest issues was that they lacked the human resources to spend time searching for possible businesses & products that would fit into their strategy. Their other issue was that they lacked the experience (and confidence) in dealing directly with overseas businesses.

Following a clear understanding of the clients needs, we searched extensively for possible candidates and assessed the suitability and attractiveness of those that best fit the corporate goals to create a prioritised shortlist with rationale for each target. The target list considered all aspects including the import/export issues, local manufacturing of the product, supply chain, product registration and regulatory hurdles that may come into play.

Following the presentation of the prioritised shortlist to the senior leadership team, our client agreed on a sequenced approach to some of the candidates and we secured meetings with the decision makers within the candidate businesses which led to several of the candidates signing distribution deals with our client. Additionally, we assisted in successfully meeting the regulatory & registration hurdles that we previously identified which resulted in the successful launch of new products, creating new sales and increased growth for the business.

A biotechnology startup company (based at a Brazilian University) had developed two unique products which (via scientific studies) had shown huge therapeutic potential and were seeking external partnerships to progress their products into Stage 3 and 4 clinical trials.

They had created a unique presentation and approached various companies within the sector. However, they were not taken seriously enough and were unsuccessful in reaching the senior executives (decision makers) of large Brazilian pharmaceutical companies in order to present and discuss the projects.

We analysed the products and presentations in detail and based on our experience and understanding of the business possibilities and barriers that may be faced, we proposed a new approach to demonstrate the value proposition to potential partners.

Utilising Vallua´s broad network of connections, we were able to create a targeted approach to selected senior executives, which resulted in a successful partnership.


Brand Identity


Brand Awareness & Company Growth


A business unit of a large European company was suffering a loss of market share due to the entrance of cheap, locally-produced competitor products flooding the market. Consumers moved towards the cheap products as they saw no benefits in sticking with the more expensive products.

For years, this BU was unique in the South America market due to the products they sold, and they had never faced this situation before. Pressure from the Global leadership team forced the BU management to try and find ways to improve their market position, but overall, it was deemed to be a failure.

Following an in depth understanding of their business requirements, we took a deep dive to evaluate their product and their brand identity, to understand the current market positioning, packaging, and to look at the consumer perception of all competitor brands in the market. After this analysis, we demonstrated how the brand identity needed to change & modernise in order to communicate the product (and Brand) differentiators and benefits.

We created a completely new identity for the brand, with a modern and sophisticated design, with a clear marketing position which enabled the client to better communicate with consumers using the new packaging and better advertising using social media to highlight the benefits of using their product when compared to cheaper alternatives.

Our approach worked extremely well, as the newly launched brand not only recovered the lost market share, but went on to give double digit growth in the market for the following 5 years.

A well-known, traditional company who were developing and selling home care products were struggling to keep market share. New companies were entering this market and were using modern sales tactics and advertising to promote their brands. Consumers were preferring to buy these new products as they were promoted well and were cheaper than the traditional products sold by our Client. Consumers didn’t see the benefit in buying more expensive products as they saw no obvious benefits.

After an internal reorganization and the realisation of a need for change, they approached us for help. By analysing the history of this brand (and products), the new competitors and their products, and consumer behaviour which has changed over the past decade; we created a new approach for our client.

Our approach was to target the consumers directly, across all age ranges and social classes. We introduced this new position by using social media and also sponsored segments within daytime television programs (which is very different to simple television adverts), which has become a very successful way to communicate to consumers in Brazil.

The value of the brand was effectively communicated to consumers, to make them realize how this brand was the first in the Market, and has a lot of history in producing effective and efficient products – more so than newcomers to the market. Our approach helped the company grow it sales by > US $1 Million in the following year with its market cap also increasing significantly.


Neuromarketing –
Consumer Awaremess Strategy


A European based company with global footprint had a product portfolio and marketing approach to sell its products globally, however the regional marketing teams were struggling to follow the global marketing approach as their “Global” ideas just did not seem to work in the regional markets.

The South America regional marketing team, had experienced more problems than other regions, partly due to the previous global strategy being unsuitable, but also the general portfolio was focussed for more developed regions (ie USA & EU) rather than addressing the specific needs of the South American region.

After several years of failing to hit sales targets across the regions, senior management decided to change their marketing strategy and give the regions some flexibility and freedom to market the products specifically for their region and not follow the previous centralised approach.

Following an approach by the company, we considered their overall situation, the portfolio, what could match consumer needs, and we searched for the best products within their portfolio to focus on.

Understanding the regional market, and really being aware of the true consumer needs in this specific region and knowing the competition in this field, we identified the best options from within their portfolio that could fit consumer needs based on the last trend reports.

Creating an attractive presentation – including a physical Trend box with samples of market relevant formulations, we were able to demonstrate to existing and potential customers how the company’s portfolio products could be used to meet the trends and demands within our region.

By utilising our knowledge of neuroscience and neuromarketing techniques, we were able to produce a Trend box that excited the company about the way we presented the solution, as working with neuroscience was an new technique and approach for them.

Following our successful collaboration, the company achieved its original scales targets for the following year, which equated to a 20% growth over previous years.